Reach your customers quickly and easily in 2022 with E-Ad Marketing Campaigns.


Welcome to the SYMple 2.0 E-Mail Advertising Platform!

SYMple (Serve Yourself Marketing) takes e-mail marketing to the next level. Our easy-to-use templates allow you to communicate with your customers quickly and cost-effectively.

With SYMple 2.0, you can create and manage e-mail contact lists, track your e-mail campaigns, add custom fields that target specific contacts, and much more.

Our powerful tracking features provide you with details on the e-mail campaign’s activity and results. You’ll also be in charge of who has access to your account, as well as managing the settings and choosing add-on features that best suit your needs.

SYMple 2.0 allows you to create your own e-mail campaigns and send them to your customer lists in a variety of ways. It’s easy to send birthday greetings, event reminders and timely special offers. You can customize your emails to specific customers in your contact lists, or create a recurring campaign that continues to spread your message.

SYMple 2.0 makes e-mail marketing quick, easy and affordable.

Example of a SYMple email E-Marketing tool

Example of a SYMple email sent to customers


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